"(Dash) did not need to have his hand held, did not need us to sit down and explain how to find his sources. He is a natural, graceful writer. He worked long hours and weekends to finish assignments. Moreover, he proved to be a terrific colleague. Would I hire him as an intern next summer? Yes, I would. Best to get a piece of him now….before he graduates from Harvard and we wake up to discover he has become our boss."--Alice Short, Los Angeles Times Assistant Managing Editor, Features (9/11/2014)

-"Dash was a reliable, enthusiastic reporter, who showed a willingness and ability to take on any assignment with gusto. He particularly enjoyed the researching aspect of the work. He also was always willing and even eager to receive advice about how to advance his knowledge in journalism and his approach to writing stories. His internship with us was a positive experience and I think he has a bright future in journalism."--Harrison Sheppard, Los Angeles Daily News City Editor (9/16/13).

-"(Dash's) writing style is both mature and graceful beyond his years, and he is determined and destined to find his future in the written word, in print and online...seeing and editing his work and knowing his goals, I have no doubt that he will achieve what he sets out to do." --Al Martinez, former Los Angeles Times columnist (1/3/2013).

-"I would highly recommend Dashiell for any journalism or writing-related internship or position. He is as intelligent, driven and likeable a young person as I've come across during my 15 years in the field. I have no doubt that any lack of experience he has will be made up for in talent and commitment."--Kyle Jorrey, managing editor of the Thousand Oaks Acorn, (December, 2012).


-Huffington Post: An article I did on a California state-wide prison hunger strike, during which 30,000 inmates refused meals, for the Los Angeles Daily News was aggregated on the Huff Post. See it here.

-Al Martinez: A column I wrote about Shakespeare's relationship with Twitter was re-posted on former LA Times columnist Al Martinez's personal blog. See it here.

-Los Angeles Times: A column of mine in the Thousand Oaks Acorn, defending a teacher who was caught with pot on campus, was featured in the LA Times. See it here.


-"A Dash of Youth" earned 2nd place for columns in Californian weekly papers (circulation above 25,000) from the California Newspaper Publishers Association's Better Newspaper Contest. See the award announcement here.

-Earned Ventura County Star “Best of High School Journalism Awards”: 1st place Column (2012), 3rd place Design (2012), 2nd place Sports Photography (2010), for work in the Westlake High School Arrow.

Letters to the Editor:

-From Thousand Oaks Acorn letters to the editor:

"I will miss his creativity, humor and his take on life in the bubble we know as Thousand Oaks...Hopefully, there are more wonderful young minds like his out there." (9/29/11)

"Three cheers for Dashiell Young-Saver." (8/25/11)

"Congratulations to whomever decided to give Dashiell Young- Saver a shot at writing for the Acorn. I couldn’t tell you when I enjoyed a young person’s point of view this much." (8/25/11)

See all these letters and more in the Acorn here.