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When I was writing for the Los Angeles Daily News during the summer after my freshman year in college, I wrote a news story on a state-wide prison hunger strike, during which about 30,000 inmates refused meals. The Huffington Post aggregated the article on its website.

Gaming Excellence is one of the most popular and well-established video game blogs in Canada. Embracing my inner (and outer) nerd, I joined the team as an intern during the summer of 2013, writing features and reviews about the wide-world of gaming. Now I am a full-time staff writer, chiming in whenever school allows for a break with the Xbox.


During my senior year of high school, the Thousand Oaks Acorn wrote a story about a teacher in my hometown, who had been caught with pot on campus and subsequently suspended. I wrote a column defending the teacher, since I believed the district needed to keep his inspiring lecture style in its classrooms. A Los Angeles Times reporter wrote an article about my column and its take on the issue.

Original column:

LA Times article:


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