Sunday, August 10, 2014

From the Los Angeles Times:

"Rick Silva began his investigation at the end of an alley, on a hot day in L.A.'s Westlake community. Driving down a busy thoroughfare, he spied water runoff on a sidewalk.

He steered his city-owned Honda Civic into the alley and followed the water to a small plastic pipe adjacent to a convalescent home.

Silva parked and went inside to see the manager. After introducing himself as "LADWP," Silva said loudly, "You know there's a drought."

The manager replied that the runoff was from the cleaning of barrels for sanitation purposes. He added that the facility used water-saving pressure hoses for the job.

Silva smiled. The place checked out.

Silva is a water cop in the city's Water Conservation Response Unit. While other kinds of investigators follow fingerprints or eyewitness accounts, Silva follows the water, patrolling the streets of Los Angeles in search of wasteful homes or businesses during the state's extreme drought."

See the full story here.


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