Thursday, July 3, 2014

From the Los Angeles Times:

"For many of us, shopping online is a lifestyle. But with clothing there is sometimes a disconnect, especially when it comes to the fit of a garment and the feel of its material. Making up for that tangible loss requires a bit of thinking outside of the computer screen. And one new L.A. store aims to do just that.

Bonobos, the largest originally online-only menswear brand in the United States, opened its first Los Angeles bricks-and-mortar store last Friday where customers can feel and try on products sold online. Its 10th so-called "guideshop" nationwide, the store offers suits, shirts, belts, swim trunks, sweaters and Bonobos' signature chinos. But what its owners say makes the spot different is that instead of customers leaving with the clothes they buy, they order them on-site and wait for the products to be shipped to their homes.

Call it the opposite of instant gratification."

See the full article here.


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